Yacht Carpet Cleaning

MaxCARE Yacht Carpet Cleaning is Superior, Here's why:

  • MaxCARE is locally owned and operated
  • All technicians are employees of MaxCARE, not subcontractors
  • We only use the safest and highest quality cleaning agents
  • MaxCARE’s Hot Water (steam extraction) is the most effective carpet cleaning method available
  • MaxCARE’s carpet cleaning method is approved by all major carpet manufacturers
  • MaxCARE employees are trained and experienced in all cleaning methods of carpet and upholstery
  • We are experts in both natural and synthetic fiber carpets including wool and silk
  • We are experienced in all types of upholstery including leather, suede and microfiber
  • Carpets are refreshed and indoor air quality is greatly improved
  • Pet enzyme treatment, deodorizers and 3M ScotchGard™ are available without high pressure sales
  • There are no hidden charges ever
  • Max Deep Clean is a clean you’ll never forget

MaxCARE's Yacht Carpet Cleaning is Complete

  • Our technicians will inspect all areas and identify any special concerns
  • We pretreat all carpeted areas to emulsify the soils
  • We move furniture that can be moved safely and place it on protective materials
  • We use hot steam extraction for deep carpet cleaning performance
  • We groom the carpet to raise the pile and speed the drying process

Serving all marinas in :


Throughout the counties of:

Palm Beach, Broward and Dade


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